Windscreen Repair

Professional and Cheap Windscreen and Car Glass Repair Services in Manchester

car glass and windscreen repairDo you have a bullseye in your windscreen? A bullseye is a little smashed spot in your laminated windscreen. Our team of expert technicians can repair this spot by injecting a bit of resin that is exactly like your glass. The resin is then heated and bonds to the windscreen to stop the bullseye from spreading so you do not have to get a new windscreen. Many windscreen repair shops will tell you that you have to get a new one even if you don’t just because they get a profit from the sale. TopWindscreens will not lie to you and will only replace the whole windscreen if it is absolutely necessary. The truth is that you do not have to get a new windscreen for most chips, but there are some things you need to know.

Can a Windscreen Be Repaired?

Size – A chip up to an inch diameter is fixable. Here is an easy way to figure it out. If the damage is bigger than a dollar bill, you will most likely need a new windscreen. But with the new technology our technicians have, we are able to fix a chip or crack even bigger than that. In fact, TopWindscreens can fix cracks up to 18 inches.

Type – Star chips, bullseyes, part bullseyes, or pits are pretty simple to fix by any technician. Give us a call and we will come fix it for you fast.

Location – If the chip is in the sight of the driver it may not be repairable. When a chip is fixed it will not be completely clear and may impair the driver’s view.

Leaky – If the sealant on your windscreen or window is leaking we can replace it with new sealant and keep the same window or windscreen.

Reinstall – We can even take your windscreen or window off if you are repairing or painting your automobile and put them back when you are ready.

Why Even Get it Fixed?

smashed windscreen repairIf the damaged area is leaking or spreading, it needs to be repaired right away because it will just get worse. Bumps, sunlight, rain, and extreme temperatures can all cause even the smallest chip to become a big problem. TopWindscreens can fix those problems, but if you wait too long you may have to get a replacement windscreen, and that is much more expensive.


100% Guaranteed

Our expert windscreen technicians are trained in the latest technology and have years of experiences so they know what they are doing. Once you get your windscreen repaired, you will never have to fix it again. Just call Top Windscreens in Manchester 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 07707550375 and we will help you.